Industrial Products

Healthcare Products


Rugged Industrial Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

PID Unit Temperature Control Brand EROELECTRONIC

Digital Indicator (DIN 48x96 size) Brand TOHO


Digital Temperature Programmable Controller Brand EROELECTRONIC

Programmable Process Controller Brand TOHO

CT แบบ Clamp On (คล้องสาย) Brand FARYUAN

Digital Controller Brand TOHO

CD5 Series : Displacement Sensors Brand OPTEX-FA

CD33 Series : Displacement Sensors Brand OPTEX-FA

Combo Glucometer (CoG)- Diabetes Self-Management Has Never Been Easier

Programmable Digital Indicator Brand EROELECTRONIC

Current Relays

Safety Light Curtain Brand SMARTSCAN

PID Unit Temperature Control Eroelectronic Brand EROELECTRONIC

Amplifier unit that performs remote setting and calculations Brand OPTEX-FA

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