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Small Displacement Sensor with Digital Display


PLC+HMI All in One Unit


Area Sensor Light Curtian / Machine Safety Device เซ็นเซอร์ตรวจจับแบบม่านลำแสง



7832.6525.0 : Multipole Industrial Connector Brand WESTEC

CRFC-09088B-3B : Cross Flow Fan AC Capacitor Motor 1 Phase 4 Pole Brand CAM YORK

7000.6846.0 : Multipole Industrial Connector Brand WESTEC

CB : Deflection Load Cell Brand GEFRAN

Z-L Series : Amplifier built-in type Brand OPTEX-FA

SG4 : Single Phase Angle Controllers Brand CELDUC

USP-070-B10 : Unistream Programmable Logic Control+HMI (PLC+HMI) Brand UNITRONICS

IM-024-D : MINI Panel Socket Type J Brand LABFACILITY

J Series : Photoelectric Sensor Brand OPTEX-FA

MK4A : Contactless Magnetostrictive Linear Position Transducer Analog Output Brand GEFRAN

CVS3 Series : Color Vision Sensor Brand OPTEX-FA

High Flex and Tight Bend Fiber Cables Brand OPTEX-FA

DP-816 : CT แบบ Split Core (แกนแยก) Brand ANA

Threaded and smooth barrel cylindrical fiber optic cables designed for a wide variety of applications Brand OPTEX-FA

CVSE1-RA Series : Color Image / Vision Sensor, Simple & Easy setup Color area sensor Brand OPTEX-FA

V260 : Vision Programmabel Logic Control+HMI (PLC+HMI) Brand UNITRONICS

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